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Senator Merkley is dedicated to fighting for working families and ensuring that every American has the opportunity to succeed.  That includes making sure everyone has access to affordable health care; protecting consumers from fraudulent and deceptive practices; and investing in clean energy technology that will create living wage jobs here at home while protecting the environment.  In addition, Senator Merkley will continue to fight for our veterans and military families and promote policies that will restore America’s image in the world and keep us safe here at home.


Agriculture »

Oregon’s agriculture industry is the economic backbone of many towns across Oregon. That’s why it’s important to support family farms and strengthen our rural economy.

Civil Rights

Civil Rights »

Senator Merkley is committed to protecting the rights and liberties of all Americans. Since its creation, our nation has come a long way in the march toward equality and fairness, but there is still much work to be done. All Americans deserve the opportunity to live, work, and succeed without facing discrimination.


Education »

A strong education system is essential if our children are to succeed in the increasingly competitive global economy. Supporting our teachers and students is the key to providing personal and economic opportunity.

Foreign Policy and National Security

Foreign Policy and National Security »

We must strengthen our homeland security efforts and address global threats to our nation while preserving the rights of American citizens and restoring relationships around the world.

Jobs and the Economy

Jobs and the Economy »

Good-paying jobs are the foundation for a strong local economy. For Oregon to succeed, it must create the innovative jobs of the future while supporting industries that have called Oregon home for decades.

Health Care

Health Care »

We must reform our broken health care system to ensure that every American has access to affordable, accessible, quality health care, no matter their economic status.

Honoring our Veterans

Honoring our Veterans »

Our veterans have served our nation with honor and we have a responsibility to give them all the resources they need while they’re abroad and provide all the tools they need to ensure prosperity when they return to civilian life.

Natural Resources and Rural Development

Natural Resources and Rural Development »

Preserving our natural resources and making smart decisions about economic development will help spur rural growth and ensure that future generations can enjoy Oregon’s natural wilderness areas.

Protecting Consumers, Taxpayers, and the Economy

Protecting Consumers, Taxpayers, and the Economy »

Senator Merkley is fighting to fix our broken financial system and make it work for middle-class families and small businesses again.


Seniors »

America’s seniors deserve to have affordable health care, long term care and long-term stability throughout their retirement.

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