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Your Oregon Stories

Oregonians from every corner of the state have a story to tell:  

Families facing hardships during tough economic downturns. 

Workers breaking through barriers and opening new doors to create innovative products and designs.

Neighbors helping each other in times of need.  

Local residents banding together to solve problems their communities are facing head on.

Oregon Stories is a place where people can share their stories of struggle and their stories of triumph, hard work and compassion. Senator Merkley wants to hear from you. Please submit a story about what's happening in your community, or what cutting edge products local businesses are creating. Share your story about a friend who inspired you or the struggles your family members are going through.

A different Oregon Story will regularly be featured on the web site. Fill out the form below and we'll make sure to notify you if your story is selected as an Oregon Story.

Every story is worth telling. Oregon Stories is your place to share them.

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