Merkley Joins Obama at Signing Ceremony of Housing Bill

Merkley Joins Obama at Signing Ceremony of Housing Bill


Washington, DC – Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley today joined President Barack Obama at the White House signing ceremony of legislation to address the mortgage crisis and assist families facing foreclosure.  This week, Merkley also launched a new webpage aimed at helping families stay in their homes.

“The housing crisis continues in communities across Oregon.  Every day, I hear from constituents who are in foreclosure or behind on their mortgage payments.  This legislation will help many keep their homes and I’m very proud to be able to join President Obama as it becomes law,” said Merkley.

The Helping Families Save Their Homes Act will help prevent foreclosures, increase the availability of credit, and make the banking system more stable.

The legislation includes an important amendment authored by Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) and co-sponsored by Senator Merkley to protect renters living in properties subject to foreclosure . The amendment ensures that tenants and families who might otherwise have to vacate their homes through no fault of their own may remain in their homes for the balance of their lease or, if there is no lease, have 90 days to find their next home.

Meanwhile, Senator Merkley’s new webpage provides Oregonians with guidance on resources available to those facing foreclosure.  It also contains helpful information to keep families from falling victim to foreclosure scams.  The webpage can be viewed here.

“It is a sad fact that whenever a family or community is in crisis, there are those who will try to take advantage of the situation through devious means.  I want all Oregonians to be aware of these scams and be on guard against those trying to profit from tragedy,” said Merkley.  “My new webpage provides resources on how individuals and families can avoid foreclosure and foreclosure scams.”

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