Declaración de Merkley sobre los proyectos de ley de investigación agrícola de Oregon Caves y Hermiston a medida que avanzan hacia su conversión en ley

WASHINGTON — Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley released the following statement Wednesday after two Oregon bills were included in a lands package that is expected to pass Congress and be signed into law before the end of the year. One bill will help preserve the Oregon Caves for future generations with a National Monument and Wild and Scenic River designations, and the other will help OSU and the city of Hermiston to relocate their agricultural research center while freeing up land to accommodate growth in the city of Hermiston.

“Oregonians know the importance of preserving our natural treasures for future generations, and the Oregon Caves are one of those special and unique places that we should preserve and pass down to our children and grandchildren. In addition, this lands package will allow Oregon State University to continue conducting important agricultural research, while also freeing up land to accommodate growth in Hermiston. It’s great news that these provisions are moving forward and are on the cusp of becoming law.”