Declaración de Merkley sobre el intento de Trump de deshacer el plan de energía limpia

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley released the following statement in response to reportes de noticias that the Trump administration will attempt to undo the Clean Power Plan, the most significant federal curb on carbon pollution:

“This is a dangerous and irresponsible step backward in our fight to combat climate disruption and protect our families’ health. It formalizes exactly what I feared: that the Trump administration is recklessly unwilling to act on one of the greatest challenges of our time.

“Already we are seeing the cost of climate disruption in longer and more dangerous wildfire seasons and record-breaking hurricanes that threaten our health, economy and way of life. Yet the Trump administration continues to ignore the facts on the ground and refuses to act. America must display bold global leadership in taking on this challenge, not shameful obstruction.

“Today at an Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee confirmation hearing, I asked Bill Wehrum, the EPA nominee who would be tapped with scrapping the Clean Power Plan, a very basic question: is human activity causing climate change? Shockingly, but perhaps unsurprisingly, he used the same line every nominee of this administration seems to use: it’s an ‘open question.’ Wehrum refused to give a straight answer. I will do everything in my power to block his nomination and protect the Clean Power Plan.”