Un año después del cambio de reglas del Senado, Merkley celebra la confirmación de casi 300 nominados

WASHINGTON – Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley released the following statement celebrating the one-year anniversary of the rule change that allows nominations to be confirmed with a simple majority vote, as envisioned in the Constitution. In the year since the rule change, more than 290 nominees have been confirmed by the Senate.

“A year ago, our nation and our democracy were threatened by partisan obstruction that was packing our courts and preventing our agencies from doing their jobs. Thanks to this fight and to the historic rule change, there’s a cop on the beat to stand up for consumers against Wall Street, putting billions of dollars back in the pockets of ordinary consumers. A functioning National Labor Relations Board is giving workers across the country access to justice that otherwise would be denied.

“Moreover, providing a fair Senate vote on President Obama’s nominees to fill three vacancies on the D.C. Circuit Court – the second most important court in the country – was crucial to restoring the Court’s integrity. The Senate has also more than doubled the pace of votes on judicial nominations. Enabling these nominees to receive fair up-or-down votes will have profound effects on issues that affect Americans every day, from clean air to women’s health to keeping Wall Street in check. 

“With nearly 300 executive and judicial nominees confirmed this past year, we’ve made a real difference and are breaking through the gridlock to help restore a government that works for working Americans.”