Los legisladores de Oregón quieren la opción de "voto por correo" a nivel nacional

Washington, D.C. – Local lawmakers are working to expand Oregon’s vote-by-mail system nationwide.

According to the office of Democrat Senator Ron Wyden, he and other Oregon politicians introduced the bill to “knock down the mounting obstacles that voters across the country are facing, just to cast their ballots.”

Senator Jeff Merkley said in part “In Oregon, we’ve seen firsthand that vote-by-mail ensures a secure and accessible voting system that makes it easy for voters to participate. As a nation, we should be fighting for voter empowerment, not voter suppression. Expanding Oregon’s vote-by-mail system nationwide is a no-brainer.”

The Vote By Mail Act would require every state in the nation to provide citizens the opportunity to vote by mail.

The bill would also follow Oregon’s automatic voter registration program, which uses identifying information from state motor vehicle record to automatically register voters.