Two Oregon ‘mega-projects’ on Sen. Merkley’s agenda for infrastructure spending

WASHINGTON, D. C. – One week ago, President Biden made a stop in Portland to tout the bi-partisan infrastructure law.

The President took that time to focus on the improvements at Portland International Airport.

Senator Jeff Merkley was in attendance and spoke to us about infrastructure spending in Oregon.

He said that some of the money has been allocated to projects around the state and it will happen continuously over the next five years.

There are two, what he terms “mega-projects”, he would like to bring to the President’s attention for Oregon.

“One is the Coos Bay container terminal. We have a deep draft port there, with dredging, and with a facility, it has a railroad that goes over the mountains to Eugene,” said Senator Merkley. “We preserved that railroad a few years ago when Shortline was ready to shut it down and strip the tracks. So that’s a huge potential that would be very important to our economic development on the Coast. But also to the region, it terms of increasing supply line capacity.”

The second project the Senator mentioned was replacing the I-5 bridge over the Columbia River.