$24 million to be awarded to Port of Portland for infrastructure improvements

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Oregon Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron
Wyden announced Monday that the Port of Portland will be given over $24 million
dollars to improve infrastructure.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) is awarding
the money for the Port to strengthen and upgrade pavement, support new pollutant-reducing
stormwater treatments, improve energy consumption, reduce light pollution, and
help the Port’s goal of moving toward zero-emission operations.

The money is coming from the USDOT’s Port Infrastructure
Development Program (PIDP) Awards, which funds projects that improve the
safety, efficiency, and/or reliability of ports.

“Ports are a crucial part of keeping the economies of
Oregon and the Northwest moving smoothly, and we rely on them to move goods
throughout our region and export our amazing Oregon products around the
world,” said Senator Merkley.

This funding will provide crucial support to the Port of Portland to
improve their existing infrastructure and bolster their efforts to reduce the
environmental impacts of their operations.

Senator Wyden noted the importance of the grant, saying
“I’m gratified to see these dollars go toward strengthening some of the
base structures that keep the Port of Portland running smoothly while also
doing more to meet the Port’s sustainability goals by lowering emissions.”

Port of Portland Executive Director Curtis Robinhold
stressed that the grant will allow many necessary upgrades to Oregon’s only
marine terminal, such as improving operational conditions and increasing
efficiency and productivity.

“Perhaps most significantly, the grant will allow us to
reduce our impact on the environment and ensure that those whose livelihood
depends on trade, especially those in rural communities, will continue to have
access to national and global markets,” said Robinhold.