The Oregon Treasures Quest

Oregon is the most spectacular place. Every one of our 36 counties has exciting and rewarding places to explore. I hope this book will help you find and enjoy those locations throughout the state.

And should you choose to accept it, we offer you the 2024 Oregon Treasures Quest Challenge.

Visit at least 10 different counties between January 1, 2024 and November 1, 2024 to participate in the Oregon Treasures Quest Challenge. To qualify for this challenge, you must visit sites that are listed in the main descriptions or the “You May Also Want to Explore…” section of Oregon Treasures Quest book. Document your visits by sending us selfies with the sites in the background.

To submit your selfies, send the picture along with your name, the date of the picture, and the name of the location to:

It is a great honor to represent the people of Oregon in the U.S. Senate. I hope you will enjoy visiting every county of the state as much as I have.

Download a copy of the Oregon Treasures Quest book.