Senator Merkley speaks out on the need to ban Congressional stock trading

Senator Merkley gave remarks at a press conference on the need to pass the ETHICS Act to ban lawmakers from buying and trading stocks. Politicians should work for the public, not for their stock portfolios. Watch the full press conference: Read more about the ETHICS Act:

Reform our Immigration System, Pass the Children’s Safe Welcome Act

Senator Merkley, Representative Kamlager-Dove, Mina Dixon Davis of the Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights, and Neha Desai of the National Center for Youth Law discuss the Children’s Safe Welcome Act and the need to reform our immigration system. The bicameral Children’s Safe Welcome Act embeds best practices for child

Senator Merkley on Impact of Climate Chaos on Insurance in Oregon

Senator Merkley discussed the impact of climate chaos on the cost and availability of homeowner’s insurance in Oregon during a Senate Budget Committee hearing titled, “Riskier Business: How Climate is Already Challenging Insurance Markets” on June 5, 2024. Watch the full hearing:

End Price Gouging for Medications Act

I wrote the End Pricing Gouging for Medications Act because we need to stop Big Pharma’s price gouging in its tracks and make sure essential medicine is affordable for everyone in our country. Read more about the End Price Gouging for Medications Act:

Senator Merkley Highlights the Need for Climate Action in Hearing – Opening Statement

Senator Merkley highlights the critical importance of investing in climate action and tackling our plastic pollution crisis during a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies hearing titled, “A Review of the President’s Fiscal Year 2025 Budget Request for the Environmental Protection Agency” on May 1, 2024. Watch

Senator Merkley Drills Down on Big Oil Lies in Budget Committee Hearing

Senator Merkley asks Representative Raskin about Big Oil’s efforts to avoid accountability for its role in climate chaos in a Senate Budget Committee Hearing titled, “Denial, Disinformation, and Doublespeak: Big Oil’s Evolving Efforts to Avoid, Accountability for Climate Change” on May 1, 2024. Watch the full hearing: