Flag Requests

American flags are available for purchase through Jeff’s office in Washington, D.C. for special events, ceremonies, gifts, or celebrations of achievement. Upon request, we can also have flags flown over the U.S. Capitol before sending them. A certificate from our office will accompany flags flown over the Capitol as a record of the event.



The quickest way to receive a flag from our office is by filling out the online order form using the link below. Flags ordered this way take approximately four weeks to process and ship.

Please note that flags flown over the Capitol on a specific date will take longer to process and ship depending on the date you request for flying. If you are submitting a flag request to be flown on a specific date, allow at least two weeks after the requested date of flight for your flag to arrive by mail.

Place an online order here.

Our office uses the web service Pay.gov to process online flag requests. Pay.gov is a service provided by the U.S. Department of Treasury in an effort to provide federal government agencies with a secure network for online payment submissions.

Refunds for flag orders submitted online cannot be processed after your order has been in the Pay.gov system for over 24 hours.


Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jeff’s flag coordinator at (202) 224-3753.