Citi Foreclosure

When it comes mortgage management, Oregonians warrant the utmost diligence and consideration from their banks. Jeff understands the importance of procedural evaluations and attention to detail while determining people’s financial standing. Ensuring that Oregonian’s receive the consideration they deserve is a primary concern for Jeff and his staff.

Oregon constituent Wendy Miller spent months lost within the Citibank system. In January 2017, the bank took action to foreclose Ms. Miller’s home. Disturbingly, Citibank refused to acknowledge the nuances of Ms. Miller’s finances and despite detailed documentation of her unique condition, they failed to reevaluate their decision to foreclose her home. Ms. Miller exerted considerable effort to negotiate with Citibank, yet, the company remained stagnant in their demonstrative decision.

As a graduate student and mother, Ms. Miller needs her Portland home to remain financially stable. This, mixed with Citibank’s erroneous miscalculation and inability to communicate openly with Ms. Miller prompted Jeff and his team to investigate the case further. 

After learning the details of Ms. Miller’s case, Jeff’s team was able to coax Citibank into reevaluating the circumstances and granting Ms. Miller a Trial Payment Period. Alleviating the stress of foreclosure and allowing Ms. Miller to pursue her studies.

Ms. Miller’s dealings with Citibank highlight the value to detail-orientated evaluation. Jeff’s efforts to turn Citibank’s attention towards Ms. Miller’s cause is just one example of his dedication to Oregonians in their pursuit of financial justice.