Connie Kay

Jeff knows that America’s health care system is complex and can be stressful, and so always works to lend a helping hand to resolve such issues.

Oregonian Connie Kay received a Medicare bill for nearly $2,000 after requiring medical treatment following an accident. She was certain that she did not owe anything to Medicare and that the bill was a mistake. Connie was extremely concerned, as she relies on a fixed income and the bill would have caused significant financial hardship.

Connie initially reached out to Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance (SHIBA) for help, and they referred her case to Jeff’s office. Jeff’s team quickly determined that she was correct in her assessment: She should not have received the bill. Sorting this issue out would have been challenging enough under normal circumstances, but, tragically, Connie lost her adult daughter to breast cancer in the middle of her appeal process. Naturally, this made it all the more difficult for her to focus on gathering the necessary documents to plead her case with Medicare. But with the help of Jeff’s team working with her attorney, Connie’s appeal was successful!

Thanks to the efforts by Jeff and his staff, not only was the $2,000 bill found to be in error, but Connie found out that she was actually entitled to a $400 refund from Medicare. She expressed her gratitude to Jeff for helping her during an extraordinarily difficult time. Donna Delikat from SHIBA was also impressed with the work of Jeff”s office, which she called her “go-to” for help in cases like Connie’s. Ellen Pinney from the Oregon Health Authority further praised the dedication and compassion with which Jeff and his staff advocate on behalf of constituents.

Jeff and his team were delighted to receive the good news for Connie, and look forward to helping others to make nerve-wracking health care billing disputes a bit less stressful.