Eagle Creek Fire District #1

The safety and security of Oregonians is one of Jeff’s top concerns. Proper equipment, staffing, and funding for local fire departments can make all the difference in ensuring Oregonians’ protection from fire and other natural dangers.

Recently, Jeff took initiative to help the Clackamas Fire Department receive essential funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for six new firefighting and paramedic positions. Located in the Boring and Eagle Creek area, the newly funded positions will ease the workload of surrounding fire departments and ensure that the community receives close by, local protection. The FEMA grant further empowers the communities of Eagle Creek and Boring to develop strong aid capabilities – building Oregon’s network of emergency protection.

Jeff values Oregon’s first responders’ efforts to protect Oregon’s citizens. He is proud to champion fire departments across the state with the tools and staffing necessary to safeguard Oregon’s communities.