Getting Oregonian Out of Mexican Prison

For over 20 years Oregonian Troy Bachmann has been running businesses in Mexico exporting produce, and one day he discovered that employees had been stealing from him. He reported it to officials and in turn, Bachmann was arrested. He was accused of not paying his employees and faced an eight month prison sentence in Mexico.

Upon learning of Bachmann’s case, Senator Jeff Merkley and his DC and Portland offices worked tirelessly, for weeks, to bring Bachmann home, including meetings with the Mexican ambassador and numerous calls to local and state Mexican officials.  

According to a KATU report on Bachmann’s case and the effort to get him home, the commitment from Senator Merkley’s team was the turning point to help Bachmann. 

Jeff’s commitment to Oregonians goes beyond just the environment, economy, and general welfare of Oregonians. Jeff looks to ensure that each and every Oregonian is safe and can live a full life, whether they are at home or abroad.

Below is a news report from KATU detailing Bachmann’s return home from the Mexican prison and the efforts Jeff and his staff: