Helping A Small Town Upgrade Essential Water Infrastructure

As Jeff travels around the state and meets with local leaders, one topic that consistently arises—no matter the size or political leaning of the city or county—is water infrastructure: It’s incredibly expensive to upgrade, but is also an essential capital project to ensure Oregonians have access to clean, quality drinking water.

That is why Jeff was determined to help Amity secure $2 million in federal ARPA funds to improve its water infrastructure. These funds will allow Amity to conduct significant improvements to its water infrastructure, including replacing and refurbishing water meters and major water lines across the city.

“It absolutely would not have been possible, at this time, without federal funds coming to our city,” Amity’s Mayor, Rachel King wrote to Jeff’s team. “We are very grateful.” 

These funds also allow future projects to be done without passing on the cost to Amity’s residents through rate increase—another top priority for Jeff, as growing income inequality continues to make it difficult for working families to make ends meet.

“Our future projects using the ARPA Oregon Legislature funds will be another huge accomplishment made possible through this Act, with significant benefits to our overall infrastructure and our citizens,” Mayor King said. “Amity appreciates the Senator’s work and representation.”

Jeff knows that investing in water infrastructure creates jobs while sustaining the health of the community, and that modern and efficient water infrastructure is essential for a safe and prosperous future, and he has continued to fight for substantial water infrastructure investments in Senate appropriations and infrastructure bills.