Jack Phillips

Oregonian and veteran Jack Phillips first filed an application with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in 2014 to receive service-connected veterans’ disability benefits. Mr. Phillips suffers from hearing loss and tinnitus from his time in the military—but Mr. Phillips was having difficulty demonstrating a relationship between hearing loss and his military service.

After a year of facing the process alone, Mr. Phillips called Jeff’s office seeking help, and the team took his case. Despite the odds against success in a case like this, Jeff’s team persistently worked to get Mr. Phillips the assistance he had earned. Jeff’s team would not give up on Mr. Phillips, and finally, to the relief and excitement of everyone involved, word came through that after 3 years, the VA had given their approval for Mr. Phillips to receive his benefit.

Mr. Phillips was very grateful and wrote to Jeff’s team: “You must get a million guys like me, and most of us give up in the face of such bureaucracy. But we didn’t. And thank you. Hats off to you and Senator Merkley.”

Jeff and his team understand the difficulties our veterans face, and are dedicated to getting them the help they have earned.