Jeff Supports Revitalization of Port of Garibaldi

After touring the wharf in the Port of Garibaldi with Port Manager Kevin Greenwood, it was clear to Jeff that the community needed help to rebuild the wharf and get the economy in Garibaldi running. Aging and damaged wharf infrastructure prevented businesses interested in locating in Garibaldi from bringing jobs to the community. Jeff was pleased to support the Port of Garibaldi’s request for a TIGER grant and an Economic Development Agency (EDA) grant.

With Jeff’s support the Port of Garibaldi was awarded both grants and able to start rebuilding their economy. As one of only four projects in the Northwest to receive funding under the TIGER V grant program, the Garibaldi wharf rebuild project combines local, state and federal resources to provide critical infrastructure to a rural, coastal community. The short-term and long-term jobs created from this project are an economic development boost for Garibaldi. Funds utilized to rebuild the wharf will allow for new business to operate, improve the safety of pedestrian traffic and grow the economy in Garibaldi.