Jeff’s Staff Helps Preserve Campground, Opens for Public Use

When the U.S. Forest Service considered ending a legacy campground’s private operations permit, Clark Jackson and over thirty members of North Santiam Sportsmans Club contacted the office of Jeff Merkley seeking assistance to keep the campground open. They shared stories of generations of families coming to this camping spot to enjoy recreation in the Detroit Lake area for the last 50 years. Families had spent countless hours making improvements to the area and thousands of dollars in contributions to the local economy.

Over months of negotiations, Jeff’s staff helped to facilitate an amicable agreement that allowed the campground to continue while opening more opportunities for public use. Staff met with leaders of the Sportsman’s Club, visited the camp, wrote letters to the district ranger, and attended meetings between the two parties to keep the permit application moving forward. This is an example of Jeff’s staff working with Oregonians and the federal government to solve a problem and find a solution that benefits everyone.