Klamath Basin Restoration Projects

Jeff understands that Klamath Basin water issues are complex, and require a comprehensive, all-hands-on-deck approach. That’s why he has worked with the Klamath community to help work toward short- and long-term solutions to water resource challenges.

Klamath Basin restoration projects have now begun after Jeff secured $11.6 million in federal funding to support efforts from Klamath Tribes, farmers and ranchers, who are seeking solutions for the region’s water quality issues. Of that funding, nearly $2.4 million will be used to support four wetland habitat projects, which will result in 12,000 acres of mixed wetland habitat for endangered juvenile suckers and Pacific Flyway water birds, while also aiding in the significant reduction of external loading of phosphorus into the lake.

These funds are a part of Jeff’s continued effort toward a long-term solution for water resource challenges in the region. Since joining the Senate Appropriations Committee in 2014, Jeff has secured over $33 million for Klamath Basin water projects. Jeff is also committed to supporting collaborative, community-generated solutions to this complex issue. To that end, in 2019, Jeff held a Sucker Recovery Summit to discuss solutions with stakeholders and experts, resulting in additional water quality projects that he has worked to fund.

This project funding is essential, as drought conditions in the Klamath Basin become increasingly common. Additionally, the need to restore the water habitat is crucial to the survival of migratory birds and endangered suckers—which are essential Klamath tribal treaty resources—and for farmers and ranchers whose irrigation supply is affected by the need for in-stream water for the fish. Funding these water restoration projects is just one step toward a healthier ecological future for the region, and Jeff looks forward to continuing to work with local residents and stakeholders to on these crucial issues.