Letter to the Editor: For the People Act now!

The freedom to vote is a cornerstone of our democracy. Creating unnecessary barriers to exercise this freedom is wrong. Right now, a minority of the Senate is silencing American voters, even though a majority want the voter protections in the For the People Act. Protections that include easy access to the ballot, freedom to vote no matter our race or geography, for politicians to earn our votes instead of manipulating them through gerrymandering and for our elected officials to be accountable to us instead of whichever donors can line their pockets.

We know what is wrong and the For the People Act can help fix it by providing national standards for federal elections. However, in order for it to pass when the Senate returns from recess, the filibuster must be eliminated. Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley has always been a chief opponent of the filibuster and his message is loud and clear right now, to protect our freedom to vote the filibuster must go.

Enough is enough. With the freedom to vote under attack and a simple solution available, the Senate must pass the For the People Act now!