Lloyd Murders

The Veteran Affairs office provides aid and services to America’s heroes. Jeff is honored to assist Oregon veterans as they pursue the benefits their service guarantees.

Last fall, Oregon veteran Lloyd Murders contacted Jeff and requested help redeeming the VA disability benefits he had been awarded earlier in the year. Evidently, Mr. Murders’ veteran service representative informed him in June that his disability benefits had been approved by the VA; however, by September Mr. Murders still had not received the decision letter detailing the amount of disability pension he could expect to collect. Without that letter, Mr. Murders could not access his benefits and was left with nothing in hand. After learning of Mr. Murders’ circumstance, Jeff’s team contacted the VA and raised the alarm on Mr. Murders’ case.

According to Mr. Murders, the Jeff’s team’s efforts “lit a fire under the VA.” With the office’s assistance, Mr. Murders received his decision letter along with $77,000 in retroactive pension payments. 

In the case of Mr. Murders and so many other veteran constituents, Jeff is glad to be able to facilitate successful dealings with the VA. Ensuring that Oregon veterans have access to the benefits they’ve earned is a top priority for Jeff and his team.