Mark Woods

Jeff recognizes the sacrifices that veterans have made for this country, and strives to serve them with the excellence they deserve. Mark Woods retired from the Army in September 2005 with the rank of E6 (Staff Sergeant), but believed he was entitled to the rank of E7 (Sergeant First Class) based on his service. Mr. Woods had submitted a request to the Army Grade Determination Review Board (AGDRB) to correct his rank several months before, but his case had failed to move forward in their process.

Mr. Woods attended a Merkley town hall meeting in Josephine County in January 2017, where Jeff reminded people that his office could help with issues related to federal bureaucracy. There, Mr. Woods explained his request for a correction to his U.S. Army rank and the issues that he was dealing with. Jeff and his team went to work to help resolve the issue.

Jeff’s office contacted the AGDRB, pointing out that Mr. Woods’ request adhered to Army regulations, and urged them to pull his request out of bureaucratic limbo and act on it.

Not long after, Mr. Woods contacted Jeff with good news: AGDRB notified him that they would be correcting his grade to E7. Mr. Woods said that the intervention and advocacy on his behalf by Jeff and the team was responsible for getting his rank corrected.

Mr. Woods will soon be starting a new job as a wildland firefighter.