Merkley: $10 Million for Klamath Basin is on its way

Washington, D.C. – The U.S. Department of Interior announced today that $10 million in drought relief funding for Klamath Basin farmers, ranchers, and tribes is on its way to the region. Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley, who fought for the funding in the Senate, released the following statement: 

“I’m excited that $10 million in federal funding is right now on its way to the Klamath Basin to help the farmers, ranchers, and tribes throughout the region who have been struggling throughout the summer months with this year’s severe regional drought. This funding does not replace the water that wasn’t available but it will help ensure that people don’t lose their livelihoods and way of life. I am pleased that the federal government was able to help, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the partnerships that were developed by stakeholders in the Basin.

“I commend the hard work of Senator Ron Wyden and Congressman Walden who were key advocates in this fight.  Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar was also a steadfast champion.  He understood the magnitude and urgency and repeatedly worked to get resources on the ground to make sure that the Klamath Basin is able to recover for the next growing season.”