Merkley Blasts GOP’s Corporate Giveaway Tax Plan

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley released the following statement after House Republicans unveiled their tax plan, which attacks the state and local tax deduction while massively slashing the corporate tax rate:

“This may be the greatest heist in American history. Republicans want to tax your income twice in order to pay for corporate breaks. In what world does that make even the slightest bit of sense? Big corporations and the wealthiest Americans are already doing just fine. In fact, corporate America is already sitting on nearly $2 trillion in cash—money they could easily use to create jobs if they wanted to. This plan isn’t an economic strategy; it’s a massive swamp giveaway.

“What if instead of spending massive sums on favors for the privileged and powerful, we invested in ‘We the People’? The trillions contained in this plan could be used to revitalize our crowded public schools; or create debt-free public college for all Americans; or rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. Wouldn’t that be a better use of our national treasury than showering it on the wealthiest Americans?

“It’s up to grassroots America to fight back against this destructive plan. Just as we flooded the phone lines, overflowed the inboxes and filled the streets to defeat the GOP’s diabolical health care plans, we must rise up once more against yet another plan that hurts middle class Americans to pay for huge favors for the wealthy and well-connected.”