Merkley: Brammo Inc. is Driving Clean Energy Job Growth

Ashland  –
Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley toured BRAMMO Inc. today to see how they are creating jobs in America’s next major growth sector: clean energy technology.

By building motorcycles that run on electricity, BRAMMO is contributing to Oregon’s reputation as a world leader in clean energy technology.  The innovative vehicles produce no emissions, reach a top speed of over 60 miles per hour, and can be charged anywhere with an electrical outlet.

“Oregonians are proud that our state has been on the forefront of innovation in areas as diverse as microchips to athletic shoes to wind power.  That legacy lives on in BRAMMO,” Merkley said. “Their motorcycles create jobs here at home while reducing our dependence on foreign fuel and making our air cleaner.  These strategies will power the next wave of economic development and put Oregon at the forefront of the clean energy revolution.”

BRAMMO Inc., the manufacturer of the BRAMMO Enertia powercycle, was formed in 2002 by entrepreneur Craig Bramscher.  BRAMMO is headquartered in Ashland, Oregon between the Cascade and Siskiyou Mountains in the southern part of the state, 12 miles north of the California border, according to the company.