Merkley Celebrates Finish of “Border to Border: Oil-Free Across Oregon” Tour

Medford, OR – Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley today concluded his oil-free across Oregon trip, showcasing the need for America to declare its independence from overseas oil. The Senator held his final event today at Brammo before traveling down to the California border. The Senator visited communities along the way and highlighted the potential for electric vehicles to transform how America uses energy.   

“We just traveled over 300 miles, went through 8 Oregon counties, and didn’t pay for one drop of gasoline. That’s what I call declaring independence from overseas oil,” said Merkley. “This was an incredible experience. Not only to show that an oil-free trip across Oregon is possible, but to talk with Oregonians about why we need to end our addiction to overseas oil and make smart investments like electric vehicles.” 

Emphasizing the use of plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles is a triple win by reducing the use of imported oil: improved national security; more jobs here by keeping our energy dollars at home; and zero air pollution. 

The Senator noted that operating the electric Nissan Leaf can cost just 3 cents per mile. For the cost of one tank of gasoline, you can drive the Leaf 1500 miles.

Senator Merkley also highlighted legislation he has introduced with Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) that would provide short-term incentive for rapid development and production of electric vehicles. The Promoting Electric Vehicles Act would create deployment communities to serve as models and help determine best practices for the nationwide use of electric vehicles.