Washington, DC– Today, Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley introduced the Electric Vehicle Charge and Ride Act (EV CAR), which would allow states to build electric vehicle charging stations in new or existing “park-and-ride” facilities. The bill will help boost deployment of electric vehicles and facilitate carpooling, while reducing our dependence on foreign oil. 

“Thankfully for our economy and our national security, more and more electric vehicles are hitting the streets.  We need to build the infrastructure to meet that challenge,” Merkley said.  “More Oregonians charging up instead of filling up means fewer imports of foreign oil and more red, white, and blue American jobs right here at home.”

 Merkley’s bill gives states the opportunity to use existing transportation funding to install electric vehicle chargers at public park-and-ride facilities if they choose.  This bill will facilitate the creation of a network of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, which will help Americans reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Earlier this year, Senator Merkley, along with a bipartisan group of colleagues, introduced the broader “Promoting Electric Vehicles Act” to provide temporary incentives to states and localities to speed the use of plug-in electric motor vehicles nationwide.