Merkley: It’s Time For Bold Action to Address Nation’s Challenges

Jeff Merkley was sworn in today as Oregon’s U.S. Senator.  Senator Merkley issued the following statement outlining the challenges that face the new Congress and our nation and the work that must be done.  A telephone quality actuality of the statement is available.

“Three decades ago, when I came to the Senate to work as an intern for Oregon Senator Mark Hatfield, I never imagined then that I would have the opportunity to sit in his seat.  I will aspire to serve with the same integrity and bipartisanship that marked Senator Hatfield’s career.

“Our nation faces many challenges right now:  an economy in recession, our armed forces engaged in two wars, global threats from climate change and the proliferation of nuclear weapon states.  This is not the time for incremental change – we need bold leadership and action to address these challenges. 

“We need to immediately pass an economic recovery package to create living wage jobs and lay the groundwork for future growth.  We need to invest in green energy and tap into America’s legacy of innovation.  We need to end the predatory business practices that drained wealth from working Americans and undermined our financial markets.  And we need to start the difficult task of restoring America’s reputation in the world by responsibly ending the war in Iraq.

“Our job will not be easy.  But working together we can again build a nation where every American has the opportunity to succeed.  I look forward to working with President-Elect Obama and my new colleagues in putting our nation back on track.”

The statement can be accessed by dialing 1-800-511-0763 and entering 3238 at the prompt.