Merkley: Oregon Iron Works’ Brown a Strong Addition to Department of Commerce Manufacturing Council

Washington, DC – Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley announced today that President Obama will appoint Chandra Brown, vice president of Oregon Iron Works and President of United Streetcar, to the Department of Commerce Manufacturing Council. Since 1994, Brown has helped put the Clackamas-based fabrication and manufacturing company in the vanguard of manufacturers building the clean energy sector. 

“Throughout her career, Chandra Brown has demonstrated how good leadership can allow smart companies to do well on the bottom line, do right by their employees, and do good for the country,” Senator Merkley said. “Keeping America as the most vibrant economy in the world requires more companies like Oregon Iron Works and United Streetcar building things right here in America, and her experience and acumen make her an important addition to the Manufacturing Council.”

During her time at Oregon Iron Works, Brown has played an important role in several forward-thinking initiatives, including the United Streetcar division, which is currently developing efficient streetcar technology for Oregon and Arizona, as well as America’s first commercial-scale wave energy buoys. Despite national economic hardship, Oregon Iron Works has used these programs to expand business, create good jobs that people can raise a family on, and provide clean energy alternatives.

As one of two Oregonians invited to the President’s Job Summit last December, Brown will be able to contribute her valuable experience to aid the Manufacturing Council as it weighs issues affecting American manufacturers both at home and in international markets.