Merkley: Political Games Sink Small Business Jobs Bill

Washington, D.C.
– Today, Republican Senators unanimously blocked a floor vote on the Small Business Jobs Act, halting a bill that would have helped small businesses and put Americans back to work.

Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley released the following statement after the vote:

“Today’s vote on the Senate floor represents the culmination of the Republican assault on American jobs over the last few months.  My colleagues across the aisle have blocked legislation that would have helped small businesses create thousands of jobs without increasing the deficit by one nickel.

“Small business owners in Oregon are struggling in this recession, and I can’t imagine that the same isn’t true in other states. They are working hard to keep their doors open and to hang onto the employees they have.  These businesses are the backbone of our communities and our economy.  This bill powers up small businesses so they can do more than just keep their doors open.  It strengthens their bottom line and provides access to capital so they can seize opportunities to expand, put Americans to work, and lead us out of this recession.

“American families and businesses have real challenges.  They deserve policymakers who focus on them and their jobs and getting this economy moving again.  We were not elected to try to win the next election.  We were elected to solve problems and create opportunities for our constituents.  

“It is time to set politics and partisanship aside and come together in bipartisan support for small businesses as a huge step to putting the American economy back on track.”