Merkley Reaction to President Obama’s Address Before Joint Session of Congress

Washington, DC – Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley released the following statement reacting to President Barack Obama’s address before the Joint Session of Congress this evening:

 “Over the past few weeks, the Senate has worked with the Obama Administration to address the vicious vortex of economic challenges facing working Americans: the unemployment crisis, the lending crisis, and the housing crisis. 

“In that time, we’ve committed to create jobs, assist families at risk of losing their homes, and get credit flowing again.  These tough financial times won’t end tomorrow, but we’re working with President Obama to do two things: to quickly and decisively end the crises that are costing people their jobs and homes, and to revitalize the economy for the long term so  ordinary American families have the opportunity to get ahead once again.

“I’m very encouraged by President Obama’s commitments to reforming our health care system and developing an economy built on green jobs.  The way out of these tough economic times begins with the transition to a renewable energy economy. 

“We’ve been hit with bad economic news for months now, but I’m confident that if we work together with President Obama to attack the problems in our mortgage and financial systems that got us into this mess, and make smart investments in the future, we will not only recover but come out of this period stronger than ever.”