Merkley Returns Home for First Townhall

Washington, DC – Oregon’s Senator and Douglas County native Jeff Merkley will return home for his first ever town hall.


Merkley, who was born in Myrtle Creek and lived in Roseburg before moving to East Multnomah County, will hold town halls in all 36 counties every year he is in the Senate – starting in his home county.  He will update constituents on his work in Washington, DC and answer their questions about the challenges facing Oregon and America.


“Advocating for Oregonians is my number one responsibility,” Merkley said. “I invite all residents of Douglas County to join me in Roseburg to discuss what we need to do to get our nation back on track.”


Last year, Merkley pledged to hold town halls in each of Oregon’s 36 counties every year.  He begins fulfilling that pledge on Tuesday, February 17 at the Douglas County Museum of Natural and Cultural History.