Merkley: Senate Budget puts Premium on Job Growth

Washington, DC – Today, Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley, a member of the Senate Budget Committee, said the budget put forth by the Chair Patty Murray and the Senate Democrats will help middle-class families succeed and recharge economic growth, while responsibly bringing down deficits.

“Our top priority needs to be making our economy work for working families once again.  Looking to history as a guide, investments in education, infrastructure, and science are key ingredients for both short and long-term growth. It is clear that these investments are the foundation of job-creating new technologies and businesses, robust U.S. competitiveness, and a better quality of life for ordinary Americans.  I am very pleased that the Senate Democratic Budget provides for strong new job-creating investments in these sectors. 

“Chairman Murray’s budget reflects our values. It puts a premium on job growth and opportunity for the middle class. It continues the commitments made to our seniors. It brings down the deficit through a balanced combination of cuts in programs and tax-code spending that overwhelmingly goes to the wealthy and well-connected. 

“I am pleased that our budget includes many of Oregon’s priorities, including Secure Rural Schools, clean energy financing, STEM education funding, and responsible timber management to thin overgrown forests and create more jobs in our woods. It also contains a balanced replacement to the sequester, which is critical for maintaining investments in health, education, safety, and timber management in communities across Oregon.   

“This budget recognizes that our country does best when we put the middle class first, placing middle class job creation at the center of our economic growth strategy.” 

Yesterday, Senator Merkley voiced his strong opposition to the Ryan plan, which would end Medicare as we know it and give huge tax breaks to the best off and the biggest corporations. To find out more details on the Senate Democrats’ budget, click here.