Merkley: Statement of Support to the People of Iran

Washington D.C. – Amid ongoing Iranian protests that are the most sustained uprising against the draconian rule of the Islamic Republic of Iran in its history, Oregon’s U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley—a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee—released the following statement:

“The brave women of Iran fighting for their freedom are writing one of the most inspirational and pivotal stories of this year. The values they are standing up for are universal: the right of each of us to be ourselves as we want to be, not according to someone else’s preferences, and the fundamental notion of equality under the law.

“At great risk to themselves and their loved ones, Iranian women have been on the frontlines of nationwide protests demanding fundamental changes to the regime’s brutal governance, which has resulted in hundreds killed—including by horrific public execution—and tens of thousands detained since the peaceful protests began in September.

“By violently cracking down on protestors, the Iranian regime is violating basic human rights and must be held accountable. The United States must continue to work with our allies and partners to promote justice and accountability for human rights violations and abuses in Iran, while also pushing back against the regime’s destabilizing actions in Ukraine and throughout the Middle East.

“I strongly condemn the Iranian regime’s violence against and systemic repression of its own citizens, and I fully support and stand in solidarity with the people of Iran—especially the women at the center of this movement.”