Merkley Statement on Budget Deal

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley released the following statement after voting for a budget package that will avert a default on U.S. debt and prevent sweeping, across-the-board budget cuts that would have cut into programs Oregon families rely on:

“This deal today allows us to increase investments in health care and education, in rural housing and fighting wildfires, in child care and conservation.  It isn’t perfect by any means; compromises never are.  We should not be pouring billions more into military hardware that could be better spent investing in education, housing, and building and rebuilding for the future.  But I supported this package because investing in the foundations for working families to thrive is important, as is avoiding a default on America’s debt.

“But let’s be clear about what this budget deal represents: It’s an example of the death grip special interests have on our political system that the only way to marginally address the needs of working Americans is if they’re coupled with unnecessary giveaways to giant corporations.  We need to end the corrupting influence of massive dark money in elections, voter suppression, and extreme partisan gerrymandering, and break the special interest stranglehold on our government so we can truly have government by and for the people.”