Merkley Statement on Presidential Election Results

“I’m profoundly disappointed in last night’s results. I firmly believe that our country is better than the lowest points of the campaign that just concluded.

To all who woke up today anxious about their place in America: I stand with you. Today it is more important than ever to stand for equality, justice and inclusion. I hope that as President-elect Trump assumes the mantle of leadership, he will recognize the enormous responsibility that comes with the office to build people up and bring our country together, rather than to tear down and divide. And if he doesn’t, I will be at the forefront of the principled opposition, standing up for our Constitutional values and our moral responsibility to respect the dignity and aspirations of all people.

We also need to heed the powerful message that these results send about how many Americans are deeply dissatisfied with an economy that they see working for the best off but leaving them struggling. They are disgusted by a political process that leaps to respond to the wants of the powerful and well-connected, but year in and year out seems to ignore the needs of ordinary people. This election was a revolt against an economy and a political system that have left too many people feeling left out and worried for the future and we need to commit to giving opportunity to everyone – rural and urban, regardless of race and religion and gender. 

Americans are hungry for policies that give a foundation for all families to thrive. We must do everything we can to fulfill that vision and block efforts of the privileged and powerful to write rules that benefit themselves at everyone else’s expense.                                                 

Our nation is being tested. We should never take for granted this beautiful gift of America that we received from previous generations. If we believe in a government of, by, and for the people and if we value the strength that comes from equality and diversity, we need to work for it. And that’s exactly what I’m committed to doing.”