Merkley Statement on Republican Attempts to Take Health Care Away from Millions

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley released the following statement after Senate Republicans voted to pass a plan that would repeal key elements of the Affordable Care Act, taking health coverage away from millions of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Oregonians:
“The Republicans in the U.S. Senate today voted to kick millions of Americans off their health care plans. Their vote today tells single moms with breast cancer, 60-year-olds with Parkinson’s, and so many others that their health and lives are worth less than an ideological crusade. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, hundreds of thousands of Oregonians have been able to access secure health coverage for the first time, and uninsured rates have fallen to record lows. People with chronic diseases who couldn’t get coverage before no longer have to worry. Self-employed entrepreneurs have reliable and affordable coverage. Preventive care is free and children can stay on their parents’ plans through age 26.
“It is absurd and cruel to throw out these gains and go back to a system that rations health care to the healthy and wealthy while leaving those who are less fortunate out in the cold. I look forward to voting to uphold the President’s veto should this misguided legislation come back for another vote in the Senate.”