Merkley Statement on Senate Plan for Energy Bill

– Today, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid outlined the energy bill he intends to bring to the Senate floor next week.  Senator Merkley released the following statement:

“This proposed energy and oil spill legislation laid out this afternoon is an enormous disappointment and a huge missed opportunity.  Our nation desperately needs a strong energy strategy that creates a million new clean energy jobs and puts us on a path to ending our addiction to overseas oil.  

“I am convinced that while some particular policy approaches may not be able to get 60 votes, a bill that focuses on those critical outcomes could.  Instead of a bold stride, this proposal offers only small steps.  

“Some believe that there is not enough time in the legislative calendar to do the hard work it would take to meet this challenge.  I say that rebuilding our economy and ending America’s most dangerous vulnerability are too important not to make the time.”