Merkley Statement on the Signing of Historic Paris Climate Agreement on Earth Day

PORTLAND, OR – Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley released the following statement after nations from around the world convened on Earth Day at the United Nations to sign the historic Paris Climate Agreement:

“The Paris Agreement signed today represents a breakthrough moment in the international fight to take on climate change. While this deal is by no means the end of the work we must do, having the global community come together around a shared vision of action is a tremendous milestone on the path to averting climate catastrophe,” said Merkley. “Four months ago, I joined a delegation of United States Senators to participate in global climate talks in Paris. During these talks, I worked with our partners and colleagues from around the world to discuss ways the world can come together to ramp up investment in clean energy research, develop affordable energy storage, and cut carbon pollution. Today, Americans should be proud of our nation’s leadership in helping forge this deal, and I won’t let science deniers in Congress roll back the great progress we’ve made to act on climate.”