Merkley: Supplemental Will Provide President Obama and Our Service Personnel with Needed Resources

Washington, DC
– The United States Senate last night passed legislation
providing additional funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as
resources to improve benefits and services for military personnel, combat
pandemic flu, and strengthen our border security.

Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley voted for the legislation and
issued the following statement:

“In just a few short months, President Obama has laid out a
timeline to responsibly end the war in Iraq and bring our sons and daughters
home, while refocusing our efforts in Afghanistan to target Al Qaeda
elements.  As a nation, we need to keep focused on winding down the Iraq
war and ensure that our objectives in Afghanistan are carefully and narrowly
targeted so that we do not return to the policies of the previous


“It is very important that we provide President Obama with
the resources he needs to successfully accomplish both of these missions. 
And it is equally important that we provide our men and women in uniform with
the tools they need to do their jobs and the support they need when they come