Merkley Supports Efforts to Assist Homeless Veterans

Washington, DC –
Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley signed
on Tuesday as a co-sponsor of three bills to provide shelter and assistance to
homeless veterans.  The bills will authorize funding to expand housing and
health services for low-income veterans.

“Our veterans put their lives on the line for our
nation.  It is outrageous that we would allow any of them to fall through
the cracks this way,” said Merkley.  “We must do more to eliminate
homelessness among our veterans.  Our service members stand up for America
when on duty.  America must stand up for our service members when they
return home.”

The Homes for Heroes Act authorizes funding for an
assistance program for community and nonprofit organizations to purchase,
build, or rehabilitate housing for low-income veterans.  The bill also
makes permanent the successful HUD-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program
(VASH), which provides permanent housing subsidies and case management services to homeless veterans with mental and addictive

The Zero Tolerance for
Veterans Homelessness Act authorizes funding to expand the HUD-VASH program, and streamlines the application process
for nonprofits building supportive veteran housing.  The bill also expands
funding for health care to ensure that once veterans have housing, they are
provided with the health services necessary to maintain that housing.

S.1366 is a bill that will allow taxpayers to designate a
portion of their income tax payment for the Homeless Veterans Assistance Fund.