Merkley: Time to Stop Manufacturing Crises, Get Back to Rebuilding Middle Class

WASHINGTON – Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley released the following statement after an agreement was reached to reopen the government and prevent a default on U.S. debt: 

“After two and a half long weeks, common sense has finally prevailed in Washington. Although it is a good thing for our economy that Congress has reached an agreement to reopen the government and prevent a default on our debt, Congress fulfilling its most basic duties is not cause for celebration. 

“While this bill addresses the immediate situation, it does not begin to resolve the dysfunction and paralysis that have caused our government to careen from crisis to crisis. This cycle of brinksmanship must end. 

“These manufactured crises have caused great harm to our families and businesses across Oregon and across our nation. It is time to fix our broken system to end these self-inflicted wounds. We need to focus on what really matters: rebuilding an economy in which middle class families can find good jobs, pay for college, and plan for a secure retirement.”