Merkley: We Must Ensure That American Companies Compete on a Level Playing Field in the Global Marketplace

Washington, D.C.
–The Department of Commerce today announced that Chinese steel pipe producers have violated trade law by receiving government subsidies, enabling them to overwhelm the market and put American steel companies at a disadvantage.  The Commerce Department has ordered that tariffs be imposed on steel pipes from China to offset the losses accrued by American companies.  Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley released the following statement in response to the decision:

“At a time when American manufacturers are fighting to stay competitive in the global marketplace, it is completely unacceptable that unfair trade practices put American companies at a disadvantage,” said Merkley.  “The Commerce Department made the right decision to impose tariffs on steel imports to help offset the damage done and level the playing field for American companies.” 

The subsidies given to Chinese steel producers by the Chinese Government helped enable the companies to triple their steel imports between 2006 to 2008; making this case one of the largest U.S. – China trade cases in history.  The Commerce Department determined that the tariffs imposed on steel imports from China should range from 11 percent to 31 percent and be imposed immediately.

“We must continue to strengthen trade oversight and ensure that our hardworking men and women are able to compete in the global marketplace and continue to produce some of the best products in the world,” said Merkley.