Merkley: Weakening Clean Air Act Would Jeopardize Health of Our Communities

Washington, D.C. – Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley issued the following statement in response to the series of votes today aimed at weakening the Clean Air Act and the Environmental Protection Agency:

“The Clean Air Act has prevented thousands of cases of respiratory illness and made our communities healthier for our families.  The Act has improved the quality of life across our nation.  It has succeeded because of carefully-crafted, science-based standards.  I understand that for political or financial reasons, some interest groups oppose these standards, but watering them down doesn’t diminish the impact of pollution on our air or our children’s health.  We must, on behalf of our families’ health, defeat these attacks.

“The EPA did its job under the Clean Air Act and found that carbon pollution endangers the health of millions of Americans and future generations. Ignoring the science to the benefit of big polluters would be disastrous.”