Merkley: WTO Must Examine China’s Unfair Trade Practices

Washington, DC
– The U.S. Trade Representative today
formally launched a World Trade Organization (WTO) case to examine China’s raw
material export restrictions.  Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley applauded the
move, which is necessary to end unfair trade practices that have distorted
economic incentives and hurt American businesses:

“Despite previous pledges, American companies continue to
find it nearly impossible to purchase raw materials such as tin and zinc from
China.  Export tariffs and low quotas block access to this market, which
gives Chinese enterprises an unfair advantage that violates clearly established
WTO guidelines.


“Trade is a two-way street, and for it to work, we must all
play by the same fair rules.  American workers and companies can compete
with anyone in the world if they’re on a level playing field and I’m glad the
Obama Administration is going to the WTO to ensure China lives up to its responsibilities.”