Merkley, Wyden Announce Nearly $150 Million in Recovery Act Funding for Oregon Wind Farms

Washington, D.C. – Oregon Senators Jeff Merkley and
Ron Wyden announced today that nearly $150 million in Recovery Act funds will
be heading to three Eastern Oregon wind farms.  The wind farms – located
in Arlington and Moro – will use the funds to support their efforts to create
jobs producing clean energy.

“Two months ago I helped celebrate the Wheat Field Wind Farm
in Arlington, Oregon, and saw firsthand the incredible work they were doing to
create jobs and produce clean energy,” said Merkley.  “These funds will
help make Oregon a national leader in producing wind energy and will provide a
stable living over the long haul for rural Oregonians with new jobs and new
revenue for farmers and counties.”

“This country cannot break free from fossil fuels or our
reliance on foreign oil without investing in clean alternatives,” Wyden said.
“The money released today will help keep Oregon at the forefront of wind
technology. It will create jobs immediately and continue laying the foundation
for an industry that will play a major role in energy production for decades to

The Treasury and Energy Departments announced today that $500 million in
Recovery Act funds will be awarded in grants for clean energy projects across
the country, with more than a quarter of the sum committed to Oregon.  The
clean energy grants are available in lieu of tax credits that the companies
would otherwise be eligible for.  Funding for Oregon projects are as

Wheat Field Wind Farm – Arlington, Oregon – $47,717,155

Hay Canyon Wind Farm – Moro, Oregon – $47,092,555

Pebble Springs Wind Farm – Arlington, Oregon – $46,543,219

The funding will provide additional upfront capital, which
will enable companies to jump-start construction on clean energy projects and create
jobs in the process.

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act invests billions in upgrading our
nation’s transportation infrastructure, promoting the development and
production of clean energy, and repairing public buildings to immediately
create or save jobs.  The legislation cuts taxes for 95 percent of workers
and their families, including tax credits of $400 per worker or $800 per
family.  Finally, a third component of the bill provides vital funding for
states to prevent state layoffs and ensure the continuation of important
health, education and housing services.