New Merkley Video: Grassroots America Is Key to Stopping Trump Strategy of Hurting Children at Border

WASHINGTON, D.C. – As the Senate voted on the disapproval of President Trump’s national emergency, Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley released a new, in-depth video detailing the true humanitarian crisis at the border, and how grassroots America can fight back against Trump’s policies that have inflicted trauma on children.

“There is an emergency at the border. But it is not the emergency declared by the President,” said Merkley. “There is a humanitarian emergency that has been manufactured by the Trump Administration. Families and children have been made to suffer for political gain. We need to keep speaking out, and shining a light on what is happening at the border.”

Merkley’s documentary is a call to arms, detailing the impacts of the Trump Administration’s border policies that have deliberately traumatized migrant children and  their families, and efforts to shine a spotlight on abuses and force change. The video explores the Trump administration’s efforts to separate children from families, expand family internment and hold migrant children for months on end in unregulated child prison camps, such as the Tornillo tent city and the facility in Homestead, Florida that Senator Merkley visited earlier this week.

At a moment when Trump’s emergency declaration is at the center of the national debate, Merkley’s video focuses attention on the humanitarian emergency created by Trump policies, and calls for grassroots America to keep up the pressure to protect children and close down facilities like Homestead.

The full video can be found on YouTube here and Facebook here.