Merkley on Ukraine: ‘They are resisting with everything they have’

EUGENE, Ore. – Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley says there is broad support in Washington for supporting Ukraine.

The House sent a spending bill to the Senate that includes $14 billion in aid to help Ukraine respond to the Russian invasion.

Merkley says the country is in dire need of anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons, but over time it will get harder to get weapons into Ukraine.

He says at its core, the conflict is about a country keeping its democracy.

“They are resisting with everything they have and we have a moral responsibility to support them on the humanitarian side, on the military equipment side, to rally the nations of the world, the freedom loving nations of the world to support the fighters, the Ukrainian fighters,” Merkley said.

It’s unclear how fast the budget will pass in the Senate as some lawmakers have raised concerns over how quickly it was passed through the House.